Our coffee is produced by a Co-operative named "MUUNGANO" which means "togetherness" in Swahili. The people; Bahunde, Bahavu, Bashi, Batembo, and Congolese of Rwandan origin of Eastern Congo- were divided by war. Through the Co-operative they are working together again and creating better prospects for their families. 

From the founding 350 members in 2009, the Co-operative grew to over 4000 members by 2015. They are producing fully washed Arabica in the mountains, against the serene backdrop of Lake Kivu. With a huge commitment to improving gender rights issues and passion for quality, Muungano cultivates some of the Congo's finest speciality coffee. 



One thing we found very special about TWIN and MUUNGANO is their dedication to improve gender issues in the Kivu Region. GALS is a program that offers tools to men and women to work and problem solve together. We will share more information about this program here soon.

GALS meeting, June 2017. Photography by Viviane Sassen

GALS meeting, June 2017. Photography by Viviane Sassen