TWIN is our partner for production and trading support and has been a source of continuous inspiration through their dedication to quality, sustainable development, and community. 

Twin is a non-profit that combines trade, programs and advocacy to build market systems that create better livelihoods for farming groups growing coffee, cocoa and nuts.  They facilitate global partnerships between buyers, donors and farmer cooperatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America; with a shared vision of using trade to enable sustainable and vibrant farming communities to develop and prosper. Their vision is a world where trade benefits everyone engaged in it; where business respects and supports the people and ecosystems it touches; where smallholder farmers have the power to shape their own business and community development. Their mission is to harness and shape the market to deliver social, environmental and economic development for smallholder farming communities in developing countries.


Anette Moldvaer is a highly respected Master Roaster worldwide and is our project's consulting coffee expert and roaster. When we approached Anette she believed in our ideas enough to take on as a personal project. We are grateful for her generosity of knowledge and experience, as our concept would be nothing without a delicious coffee.  


 "The resilience and passion of people producing high quality coffee under challenging circumstances is inspiring. Lake Kivu is a volcanic lake between Rwanda and DR Congo and rests upon one of the most active rift valleys in the world. Known both for its dangers and resources, the lake’s duality is a metaphor to the region's complex realities. The coffee grown near it's shores is undeniably special. Through KIVU I hope to promote new connections with DRC by leading with creative collaborations and expression, while supporting local trade and initiatives. 

KIVU is a small cup filled with big ideas." 

- Christina Hardy



Photography by Viviane Sassen